The final part of "The Beginnings"

1️⃣ The Architects, aware of the monumental task that lay ahead, sought out the Builders — an illustrious race known for their unmatched mastery in shaping matter and crafting grand structures across the galaxies. These skilled artisans possessed an unrivaled expertise, capable of moving entire planets and mining them for precious resources. Their craftsmanship stood as a testament to their skill, celebrated throughout galaxies.

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2️⃣ When the Architects approached the Builders with their revelation of the enigmatic Portal, a surge of excitement rippled through the Builders' ranks. Their eyes, accustomed to the awe-inspiring vastness of the cosmos, sparkled with curiosity and the promise of monumental construction. The Architects unveiled their vision, presenting the Portal as the key to harnessing unimaginable power and averting the impending energy crisis that threatened to engulf the Universe.

👆 It doesn't mention anything about the Architects secretly getting in touch with a Builder (Absolan?) first, but it also doesn't exclude the possibility. I was thinking that the surge of excitement in the Builders' ranks appeared once everything was made 'public,' and all Builders knew about it. 

3️⃣ Intrigued by the Architects' proposal, the Builders pledged their unwavering allegiance to the cause. They recognized the gravity of the task at hand and understood that their expertise in matter and structures would be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of the Portal. Driven by the shared goal of preserving the Universe and leaving an indelible mark on the cosmic stage, the Builders joined forces with the Architects, forging an unlikely alliance that bridged the realms of magic and construction, intellect and craftsmanship.

👆 The Builders pledged their unwavering allegiance to the cause once they all knew about the plans, the same discussion as above. Now, thinking more about this, the story about the "first one contacted" would not contravene with the image presented now: "Architects came, and the builders were receptive".

4️⃣ Together, the Architects and Builders embarked on an extraordinary journey, their minds intertwining, blending cosmic insight with architectural precision. Their collaboration ignited a symphony of imagination and practicality as they meticulously planned and designed the intricate network of Nodes — a celestial tapestry of conduits that would channel and harness the untamed energies emanating from the enigmatic Portal. Each Node, a testament to their collective genius, would become a beacon of hope, capturing the boundless power and bringing it within the grasp of the Universe.

5️⃣ Within the hallowed halls of cosmic workshops and celestial laboratories, blueprints were meticulously crafted, detailing the dimensions, materials, and interconnections of the Nodes. The Builders, with their unparalleled expertise in manipulating matter on a galactic scale, embarked on an awe-inspiring endeavor. They set out to gather the raw materials required for the construction, traversing the cosmos and mining celestial bodies, extracting rare elements that resonated with the Portal's energies.

👆 I need more details here. Initially, Architects obtained the first materials simply by providing planets to mine, but this came at the cost of sacrificing trillions. Currently, as it is presented now, the Builders have been gathering materials from all over the cosmos.

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6️⃣ Simultaneously, the Architects, drawing upon their ancient wisdom and profound understanding of cosmic forces, delved into the intricate planning of the Nodes. They set forth to forge an ethereal connection between the Nodes and the enigmatic Portal, knowing that once constructed, they would become conduits for the untamed energies that surged within its otherworldly dimensions.

7️⃣ Through the ever-turning celestial carousel, the collaborative efforts between the Architects and Builders became a testament to relentless perseverance and unwavering focus. Day by day, their audacious plan drew closer to realization. The Universe brimmed with anticipation as the Architects and Builders made final preparations, their eyes fixed upon the enigmatic Portal shimmering before them — a gateway to salvation and restoration.

8️⃣ Standing united, the Architects and Builders, armed with wisdom and honed skills, readied themselves for the monumental task that lay ahead. The first Node, a symbol of their unity and unwavering determination, stood poised to be built. Its creation would mark the beginning of a transformative journey — a journey that would unlock the secrets of the Portal and bring hope to a Universe on the brink of darkness.