A brief history of Dwarven Technology

  • Date: 20/05/2023
  • Categories: Content

Before the war… the Dwarves were experts of their craft: mining, forging, and building.

During the war, they applied their expertise to the forging of WARRIORS.

Some chose to hide from the chaos, finding solice in mercenary work, smuggling, and trading.

Others were left broken by the war, forced to mend their bodies by integrating with their technologies.

After the war, the Dwarves realigned with their core values and combined mining, forging, and building proficiency with their upgraded technology.

Some stepped into leadership roles that were far beyond their years but proved to be competent for this time of recovery

Peace was finally present within this thriving race. Friendships were formed with the Architects. Unbreakable bonds were sealed in generational covenants. Construction of the Nodes would come commence, which would result in splendor.

But naturally, like all things in our universe… this newfound abundance invites challenges. Challenges incite conflict. And conflict breeds…