Character reveal – Absolän

  • Date: 20/05/2023
  • Categories: Character reveal

🎵“The night is ours
Spring in the wood of skies
We head to the heath with our tent, where the berries grow
Take me, dear friend to the mirth of yesterdays
Where our creek runs free and the birch will blow
Light in the mountains
Scent from our dearest fountains…
… The wind is counting your hair in the light aglow
The dew comes forth
Our valley is swept with peace
Our dreams come true, who sleep in the wood of skies
On the berry hearth, the last touch of sunlight dies
And the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow…”🎵

🟦 Greetings to you, my dear friends. I’m sorry for the late notice. But uh… it appears our final guest won’t be joining us today. It was supposed to be our Beloved Primus, and my closest friend, Adriän, the one you’ve heard so much about. But I… urrrrmmm… well, he is the Primus, after all. Can’t be expectin’ him to dilly dally around with extracurriculars such as these. Ha… hmmm. I s’pose we could talk about the uhhhh… OH! We can’t talk about the mess hall!

I tell you, even on our worst day, nothing can beat a Dwarven feast! The honey mead imported from Lecopolis. The finest beef marbling from the Great plains of Dühnlery… ohh goodness, my mouth waters even speakin’ about it. And even the…

Oh? Oo’s this? Oy! You there! Take off the hood! Show yaself!

🟨 Calm yourself young Booms.
🟦 OHH! Primus! I… uhhh… my apologies Sir! I didn’t realize!…
🟨 That’s quite alright son. I understand the confusion, being that I am not dressed in my Ecclesian robes.

🟦 Perhaps, sir. Still! Please forgive me for my previous tone.
🟨 There’s nothing to forgive dear Booms. However, I heard tell that our Primus wasn’t going to make it to his interview today. So I’d like to be interviewed on behalf of my grandson.

🟦 Uhh… well of course sir! I can think of no one else fit to fill his place. By all means! Our friends will greatly honored by your presence here today. There right over there.
🟨Thank you… Boomy.

🟨Greetings travelers. I am Absolän Haraldsen. The Oldman, who is apparently ‘older than dust’.
*smirks at Boomy*
I am the former Lædan Primus, reinstated after the death of my son Vladimir, recently replaced by my grandson Adriän.

🟨I now serve as the Head of The Order of Ecclesia. The Ecclesian Order is a small cohort of Dwarves whose sole purpose is to quietly analyze the inner workings of our society and provide silent council to our Primus.

🟨 We range in age, although a majority of our cohort are past their 300th name day… like myself. All Dwarves in this cohort come from all professions as well: Miners, Smiths, Builders, etc.

We can be identified by our Ecclesian robes, made of Lapis Lazuli rock wool.
I… I didn’t come here today to talk to you about the order though.

🟨I remember when I was a boy. Before the war. In a time when peace was not something we fought for, but rather, where it simply… WAS. And it all went away in an instant. War ravaged our galaxy, and for over 300 years, it was all I knew.”

🟨When I was named Lædan Primus, my job was simple. Destroy our imposing enemy, save as many Drawven lives as possible, by any means possible. When my boy Vladimir was named Primus after me, his job was no different.

🟨 Now my grandson Adriän, is faced with conflicts that are foreign even to me. Not only are we experiencing a time of peace that is unfamiliar to most Dwarves here today, but now we are being told that this mysterious portal can solve the energy crisis within our Universe.

🟨 And our Primus was charged with the construction of these Nodes that will harness the power of these portals.

War is simple…
This… is NOT.
And make no mistake. Where there is an abundance of resources, there is always something lurking in the shadows, ready to take it.

🟨 Dear friends, it is not my intent to fear monger or incite disarray. But it is imperative that you understand the gravity of the situation.

All I ask of you is to give Adriän time. Between his meetings with the Architects and the responsibilities to the Dwarves, he is… busy.

🟨 And to add insult to injury, although he holds the title of Lædan Primus, the Primus Armor of Stryka is rejecting Adriän at the present moment. No one knows exactly why, but I’m willing to guess it’s cause he has too many thought dæmons he is battling.

🟨 Hmm… please forgive the ramblings of this old Dwarf. There is such to be grateful for. I’ll leave you with this… ‘The way of fools is correct in their own eyes. But a person of wisdom seeks out counsel’

🟨 Thank you for being here. I hope to see more of you soon. Oh and…. Booms?
🟦 Yes Primus!
🟨 Do they know of our adored Empresses?
🟦 Uhm… no sir, they…
*whispering* I was under the impression the Empresses were to be kept… well… secret.
🟨 Not anymore Boomy.

🟨 Many things are changing. And if we are to have any hope of protecting this peace, transparency is going to be key.
🟦 Of course Primus.
🟨 Be well Booms. And to you as well my friends. I hope to see more of you soon.

🟦And to you, sir.

Uhhh… *cough*… well! Hehe, wasn’t expectin’ that friends! A rare occasion for sure! You gettin’ to meet a former Primus the head of the Ecclesians! And now you get to meet our Empresses! Golly! You’ve got it in good with us hear haven’t you! Haha!

🟦 Alright, I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to meet up with Catalin, he’s the spokesman for the Empresses. Well get an interview with one of em real soon! You have my word! So until next time friends, goodbye!

🟦 OH wait! Here’s a picture of Primus Absolän in the Ecclesian robes, so you can keep an eye out for other members of the cohort.