Character reveal – AJ

  • Date: 20/05/2023
  • Categories: Character reveal

🟦 Hello again, My friends! As usual, my name is Boomy. I’d like to say that you’re in for a real treat today…

…but quite honestly, I’m not quite sure who I’m introducing today. I was told it’d be someone from da Smithin’ Guild. You know what?…. HEY!!! Dagi!

🟥 What is it now Boomy?! You’re just meant to talk about us Dwarves. It’s not Portal Science!

🟦 Ya but who in da world am I suppose’ta be introducin’ today?
🟥 Behind you Boom
🟦 Behind wha….? GAHHHH!!!
AJ!!!… For the love of Gringi AJ, why you standin’ so close?!
🟪 I was beckoned. Somethin’ about an interview.
🟥 AJ… been a while.

🟪 Dagmar… pleasure as always.
🟥 Likewise… although I am surprised to see you here for this.
🟪 I didn’t have much choice in the matter. Since my recent demotion, I don’t have much choice in anything these days. Be sure to thank the pretty boy for me.

🟦 You best not be talkin’ about the Primus you bas…!!!
🟥 Calm down, Boomy. AJ, best get on with the interview, then be on your way.
🟪 Of course… m’lady. And don’t worry Booms. Just a bit of playful banta.
🟦 yea… we’ll see. Right!!! Get on with it then.

🟪 Right… my name is AJ. Former Director of the Smithin’ Guild. The Smiths were formerly known as the War Engines, an elite class of Dwarven Warrior specializin’ in Fortification Seizure and Explosives. There weren’t a single fortress or stronghold we War Engines could breach. After the war, we took everything we knew about heavy machinery, and with a little bit of ingenuity, formed the Smithin’ Guild, where we smelt, shape and forge every bit of the Dwarves peacetime and wartime hardware…

🟪 That’s all I’ve got.
🟦 You sure…THATS ALL?
🟪 Go off yourself Booms!
*storms off*

🟦 What an eejit… hmmmf…. sorry you all had to see that. He’s not the first choice I would’ve gone with for this interview…. it’s a wonder what made him go off the deep end.

He and the Primus used to be thick as thieves back in our Forge days. Always gettin each other into and out of trouble. He got real distant during the war, and even more so after. Now he seems to have it out for the Primus and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why…

OH well! Guess that’s a conversation for another time!

Well friends… I uhhh guess that’s it for today! Stay tuned though, because you’re in for a real treat for our final introduction! Oh and before you go, I snuck a picture of ol’ AJ while he was giving his statement.