Character reveal – Boomy

  • Date: 20/05/2023
  • Categories: Character reveal

*bagpipes wailing a courageous tune*
“🎵 Towering in Galante Fame,
Grimsmark my cosmic hame,
Proud may your high standards gloriously wave,
Rock of my high endeavor,
Rock of the shining river…🎵”

*out of tune*

🟦GA HA!! I could sing that song until me eyes popped out. Gringi save meh. Whoo!!!

*from a distance*
🟥BOOMY! Could you keep it down! Some of us are trying to work here!

🟦Oh come off it Dagi! The Dwarves could use a bit of reminding of our glory days to boost morale…

🟦…besides, it my turn for an introduction! This is my time to shine sweetie… *bam!* “OUCH!!”

🟥DO 👏 NOT👏 CALL👏 ME👏 SWEETIE👏. I AM YOUR SUPERIOR! Finish your intro and get a move on you lump!

🟦Alright… ALRIGHT! Don’t get your khakis in a twists!

*clears throat, takes a drunken bow*
🟦Dearest friends, welcome back to XFirst. I am Billiard Booms, also known as ‘Boomy’. I hope we did not keep you waiting too long… and stuff….uhmmmm… oh shove it! Screw formalities, you already know me!

🟦Let’s get to it. If you take a look around you’ll see that all Dwarven workers fall into 1 of 3 categories: Mining, Smithing, and Building.
The miners — thats me! — are the toughest of the bunch. We don’t move mountains, we move whole planets! You CANNOT beat a mining dwarf.

🟦Then you got the Smiths. They’re a quiet bunch. Usually keepin to themselves to be honest. They hammer all our ores, sure, but they also create all of our Dwarf tech once the Builders give em the plans. We’ve come a long way because of them!

🟦Then there’s the Builders… nerdo lads and lassies. By the grace of Gringi I cannot fathom how a Dwarf could go from fightin and smashin heads every day for over a century, and resort to readin lines on a paper every day now. Seems to me they’ve gotten quite small…

🟦…few more years of this and the Builder Dwarves will be lookin a lot like those pretentious ‘aRcHyTeCkS’.

Now there is 1 more Category. But technically sayin, ALL Dwarves fall into this category:


🟦I don’t like it. This “portal thingy” opening up out of the blue. Those archytecks showing up soon after. And we roll over to build their machines without even a second look! It’s like my people have forgotten, we were just at war! ITS A DISGRACE!!! *slams fists on the table*

🟦*looks at the damage done*
“Oh…whoopsie….ha, sorry mate. Got a little angry there. 😊 look all I’m saying is that it would behoove all of us to proceed with a bit of caution. Otha than that, I trust my Lædan Primus…

🟥BOOMY! STOP BREAKING SHITE! Save it for the mines!

🟦*looks at the broken table, speaks in low tones*
Oh,I intend to…
WELP! Look at the time folks. I hope you found this here trip, uhh, educational, but it’s best for you to get goin! Don’t you worry! I’ll be back! There’s still a couple more people I want you to meet

🟦Until nextime!