Character reveal – Dagi

  • Date: 20/05/2023
  • Categories: Character reveal

🟦Welcome back mah frens! Hope you didn’t wander too far cause I’ve got a real treat for ya today! Introducing the lovely, the angry, the sometimes smelly, Lira “Dagi” Dagmar!!!!



🟦What in da hell was that for Dagi?

🟥The “sometimes smelly”?? Get outta here with that Boomy before I shove this axe handle in a dark place. I don’t need no boyo speakin’ on my behalf! Go on now. Git! Oy… *cough* okay! Sorry about that darlins.

🟥Nevermind that bag of lard. But yes, my name is Lira Dagmar. But you can call me Dagi. Former Tactical Advisor to Lædan Primus Vladimir, and the current Head of Node Fabrication Operations for Lædan Primus Adriän.

🟥I’m sure Boomy already mentioned the Forge — that bumblin’ bafoon can go on for hours about the Forge. That happens to be where I first met Adriän, and to be quite frank, I hated him in the beginnin’.

🟥Walkin’ around with ‘is chest popped out, like he was Grungi’s gift to us all. But I gotta hand it to him. He was the perfect soldier, and a great leader. Had lead bricks for feet though. Couldn’t maneuver his way around a duel with me, quite lichrally to save ‘is life.

🟥After his father, Primus Vladimir, beloved by all, had passed away in battle, something about Adriän changed. He doesn’t smile anymore, which isn’t a very fair assessment.

🟥No Dwarves smile much these days after the war. But Adriän’s spirit was always a boost of Morale for us. Even after endless days in the trenches, he could still keep our attention on the coming feasts and drinks that would be due after the war. He was… good to us.

🟥Now, in a time when we Dwarves are learning what it means to be happy and smile, our Lædan just isn’t. I can’t remember the last time he smiled. Perhaps it’s the weight of his new station. Perhaps he, like the rest of the Dwarves, just misses the roar of battle.

🟥Or maybe he just misses his father. They were close. Although Lædan Primus Valdimir, may he rest peacefully, never showed Adriän the slightest bit of affection or partiality in public. But the way Adriän spoke about him, it was clear they had a true bond.

🟥wow… enough of that…
*sniffles* as far as the Nodes go, don’t you worry. The Dwarven people are fit for the task with our knowledge of ores across thousands of planets, our blacksmithing and tech are unmatched. And I take pride in my ability to uhm… enforce timelines.

🟥Here’s a pretty picture of me for reference. By the way, this was taken at the peak of the war. I’m working on updating my photo. Gotta go now! Boomy! Put the anvil down you lump!