Character reveal – Adriän

  • Date: 20/05/2023
  • Categories: Character reveal

🎵 Adriän Haraldsen, our ‘Lædan Primus’ First Leader of the Dwarven Race, of the royal ‘Harald’ bloodline. Born into an era of only darkness, cosmic warfare, and bloodshed. 🎵

“Ha! What a load of bullocks! Look friend, if you’re gonna hear the story of my Primus, you’re gonna hear it right! I should start by sayin’ that despite his current loveliness and shiny golden blood, he started off like any other Dwarf warrior does: in da Forge.”

“Every Dwarf, in their 20th year be needin’ to go to da Forge to be made into the best Warriors the universe has eva seen! Sure lots of em die there; but they die IN GLORY! And the ones who do make it out after 10 years in da Forge, are da toughest beings in battle, BY TUNDA!

“Regardless of his ‘fancy pants’, my pal Adriän knew it was his duty to strip down to the barest of bones going into da Forge. Not only for the sake of leading us, but because the old man would blister his bottom if he eva got to cocky.”

“Adriän always been a quiet bugger, but boyo was a jack of all trades. Always been knowin’ how to speak to crowds as easy as he swings an axe. He could turn a lump iron into a penny whistle with his bare hands, and still know how to play you a good tune”

“He was neva supposed to take on the role of Lædan Primus this early. The gods know he’s bloomin’ worthy of it, but no Primus has eva been this young. That’s what happened when his Father, Laedan Primus, Algorn Haraldsen died in the Battle of Grimsmark.”
“Unfortunate for sure. But a right good sight to see! Our late Primus fought to the bitter end, and his sacrifice is what won us the war. HIS father…Absolän Haraldsen…old man (prolly older than dust)…was reinstated as our Primus until Adriän was ready.”

“And boy was he ready! Good timin’ too, with those fancy ‘Arky tecks’ showing up. They think they’re so smart with their fancy blueprints and their fancy clothes. What could they do without the Dwarven Builders?! Gaha!”

“Primus Adriän wants me to ‘play nice’, but how can I when they always actin’ so pompous!? I’ll do my best, but if one of them shows disrespek to me, I’m SWINGIN’ HAMMERS!”