The Beginnings

  • Date: 19/05/2023
  • Categories: Content

In the distant reaches of Initium Vitae, where the cosmos danced with infinite possibilities, the Architects gazed upon the tapestry of existence. Their ancient wisdom had granted them insight into the impending crisis that would plunge the Universe into darkness—a looming energy crisis that threatened the very fabric of reality.

Whispers of a mysterious Portal began to echo through the ethereal realms, an enigmatic gateway that had materialized from a foreign dimension. The Architects, the most magically gifted beings in the universe, were captivated by its shimmering allure. They understood that this Portal held the potential to alleviate the impending energy crisis, to restore balance to the celestial forces that bound the cosmos together.

However, the Architects faced an insurmountable obstacle—the Portal did not belong to this Universe. Its esoteric mechanisms confounded even their profound understanding of magic and creation. Undeterred by this challenge, the Architects embarked on a quest to seek aid from those skilled in the art of construction — the Builders.

The Builders, renowned for their mastery of shaping matter and crafting grand structures, were approached by the enigmatic Architects. The Architects revealed their discovery, the Portal that bridged the dimensions, and shared their vision of harnessing its power to stave off the impending energy crisis.

The Builders, their eyes ablaze with curiosity and the promise of monumental construction, pledged their allegiance to this cause. Together with the Architects, they began to meticulously plan and design the intricate network of Nodes that would channel the untamed energies of the Portal. Each Node was to be a conduit, a conduit that would capture the limitless power and bring it into the grasp of the Universe.